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FastStone Screen Recorder (Lifetime License) Free Download

FastStone Screen Recorder is a small application for windows. It is helps to you record video desktop screen on your Windows. Also can easily making video with the attached title logo and include your talking voice. At last, the screen record video saves in different formats like MKV, MP4, HD+ and more formats. The FastStone Screen Recorder software also records Windows screen then edit exiting the powerful tools by video resizing, cropping, applying watermarking, sharpening, edge effects, and many other suitable functions. At last, the video saves WMV format on your computer drive.

FastStone Screen Recorder (Lifetime License) Free Download

FastStone Capture is a powerful software for screen capture, recorder and image editor. A simple recording panel is accessible to users, enabling them to capture multiple windows, easily record screen activity and add effects. Users can edit images and convert images to various formats, providing a full range of basic capturing and editing capabilities. Hotkey customization is also available, allowing users to quickly access the features they need. These features complement each other to create a well-rounded, easy-to-use capturing software.


FastStone Screen Recorder is Free?

FastStone Screen Recorder users can download Capture and record video to use it for free for 30 days. A lifetime license can be purchased directly from their website, which will give you access to the software for as long as you need. Business owners and families can opt for a family license that provides lifetime access to up to 5 computers. A 30-day trial is enough time to understand that capture is a useful tool that you will continue to use in the future. But yes, you can use what we have shared here for free.

FastStone Screen Recorder

If FastStone Screen Recorder and capturing is a feature that you use or need regularly, then FastStone Screen Recorder is right for you. Ease of use with a built-in editor, really makes it an asset for this activity. However, the features of the software are not as profound as the other options with their video export capabilities. If you need a lightweight tool that does the basics well, Capture is for you. If you are looking for something with more elaborate features, you may be disappointed with what FastStone Screen Recorder has to offer.


Is FastStone Screen Recorder Secure?

Despite the presence of their website, FastStone Screen Recorder is a legitimate product that is safe to download. It has gone through a series of editions and FastStone has been consistently providing updates to the software. Be sure to download the software only from reputable sources. Faststone openly provides an email address that enables users to email their support questions, which is not usually the case with spam websites or providers.


FastStone Screen Recorder


Compatibility Operating System

  • Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Pathology, Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows 2008
  • Support: 32 bit& 64 bit operating system


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Download FastStone Screen Recorder for Windows

It’s easy to believe that FastStone Screen Recorder is just a capturing software, based on its name. While it does this component well, it also provides access to an integrated video editor, file converter and basic image editing. With it, you can easily capture screens, take screenshots, record all on-screen activity, and edit all footage and capture in a video editor. You can export screenshots in multiple formats; However, video export is limited to WMV format, which may require conversion depending on how you want to use the file.


Software FastStone Screen Recorder
Publisher FastStone Soft.
Category Screen Recorder, Photo Capture
Install File FastStone_Capture 7.3.exe
File Size 4.69MB
License Life_time




How’s the FastStone Screen Recorder support?

Although FastStone Screen Recorder has a support email and displays it on their Contact Us page, they do not have a ticketing system. This means that when emails are sent, users rely on a developer to target the email and provide a quick reply. Managing support in this way increases the likelihood of people making errors or miscommunications, resulting in emails being missed or replies being delayed. If you want to capture the software, Capture has a downloadable tutorial to help new users outside of direct support.


Features of FastStone Software

  • Easy to use
  • Some captures and annotations
  • Global hotkey facility
  • Capture multiple windows
  • Built-in video editing tools
  • Video file in animated GIF converter
  • A huge amount of special effects
  • Supports high-DPI / high-resolution / 4K monitors
  • Touch, swipe, pinch-like touch interface support
  • Print multiple images in batch mode
  • Send captured images via email
  • Built-in global hotkey to capture anything instantly
  • Capture window, object, menu, full screen, rectangular / freehand / fixed-size area and scrolling window / web page
  • Capture objects with multi-level menus
  • Edit image using resize, crop, rotate, sharpen, brightness, adjust, highlighter. L-line, polyline, text and many more tools
  • The advantage of undoing
  • Support tab that lets you capture and edit multiple screenshots simultaneously

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