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List of Qualified Country for Qatar World Cup

FIFA World cup 2022 schedule in Qatar

Before the Qualified Country for Qatar World Cup spread to 48 countries, the 2022 tournament in Qatar represented the final tournament with 32 competing teams and the accompanying cutthroat qualifying cycle. With seven months to go until November 21, 2022, which country has qualified for the World Cup?

With host country Qatar, we already know 29 of the teams competing in the FIFA World Cup 2022 Qatar and the remaining three places will be decided in June. We will keep this list updated and up to date for your enjoyment of reading


List of Qualified Country for Qatar World Cup

  1. Qatar
  2. Germany
  3. Denmark
  4. Brazil
  5. France
  6. Belgium
  7. Croatia
  8. Spain
  9. Serbia
  10. England
  11. Switzerland
  12. Netherlands
  13. Argentina
  14. Iran
  15. South Korea
  16. Japan
  17. Saudi Arabia
  18. Ecuador
  19. Uruguay
  20. Canada
  21. Ghana
  22. Senegal
  23. Portugal
  24. Poland
  25. Tunisia
  26. Morocco
  27. Cameroon
  28. United States
  29. Mexico
World cup 2022 schedule

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