Samsung A52 SM-A525M Firmware

Are you looking for Samsung A52 SM-A525M Firmware Flash File? Then you come to the right place. Here, you will find the direct link to Download the Samsung A52 Flash Firmware File zip package on your Windows PC/Laptop. This Samsung Galaxy SM-A525M Stock ROM Firmware is a Hundred percent tested firmware. The Firmware ROM runs by Samsung Galaxy Chipset-powered mobile device.


samsung a52 sm-a525m firmware flash file


The Samsung A52 Stock Firmware ROM will help you to Dead Mode Recovery, Pin Code Remove, IMEI Repair, Privacy Unlock, Full Flash, and more problems fixed on your Mobile Device. Also, Repair using the Stock ROM to solve any Samsung Galaxy Android mobile Software Issue.





Download Samsung SM-A525M Stock Firmware

Download the Samsung A52 Flash File for your Galaxy smartphone. We also provide two thousand fifty brands Smartphone phone Stock Firmware ROM and lots Flash Tool, USB Driver for you on this website.

File Name: A52 SM-A525M

File Size: 1GB

Flash Tool: Download Latest Tool



File Name Country Link
A525MUBS1AUD1_A525MOWO1AUC4_ARO_4file Argentina Download
A525MUBS1AUD1_A525MOWO1AUC4_CTI_4file Argentina Download
A525MUBS1AUD1_A525MOWO1AUC4_PSN_4file Argentina Download
A525MUBS1AUD1_A525MOWO1AUC4_UFN_4file Argentina Download
A525MUBU1AUC3_A525MOWE1AUC4_BAT_4file Bahamas Download
A525MUBS1AUD1_A525MOWO1AUC4_BVO_4file Bolivia Download
A525MUBU2AUE1_A525MOWO2AUD3_ZTO_4file Brazil Download
A525MUBU2AUE1_A525MOWO2AUD3_ZVV_4file Brazil Download
A525MUBS1AUD1_A525MOWA1AUC4_CHE_4file Chile Download
A525MUBS1AUD1_A525MOWA1AUC5_CHL_4file Chile Download
A525MUBS1AUD1_A525MOWA1AUC4_CHO_4file Chile Download
A525MUBS1AUD1_A525MOWA1AUC4_CHT_4file Chile Download
A525MUBS1AUD1_A525MOWO1AUC4_COB_4file Colombia Download
A525MUBS1AUD1_A525MOWO1AUC4_COL_4file Colombia Download
A525MUBS1AUD1_A525MOWO1AUC4_COO_4file Colombia Download
A525MUBS1AUD1_A525MOWO1AUC4_COM_4file Colombia Download
A525MUBS1AUD1_A525MOWA1AUC5_CRC_4file Costa Rica Download
A525MUBS1AUD1_A525MOWA1AUC5_CDR_4file Dominican Download
A525MUBS1AUD1_A525MOWA1AUC4_DOR_4file Dominican Download
A525MUBS1AUD1_A525MOWO1AUC4_EON_4file Ecuador Download
A525MUBS1AUD1_A525MOWO1AUC5_ECO_4file Ecuador Download
A525MUBS1AUD1_A525MOWO1AUC4_ALE_4file Ecuador Download
A525MUBS1AUD1_A525MOWO1AUC4_EBE_4file Ecuador Download
A525MUBS1AUD1_A525MOWA1AUC5_PGU_4file Guatemala Download
A525MUBS1AUD1_A525MOWA1AUC4_GTO_4file Guatemala Download
A525MUBS1AUD1_A525MOWA1AUC4_CGU_4file Guatemala Download
A525MUBU1AUC3_A525MOWE1AUC4_CWW_4file Jamaica Download
A525MUBS1AUD1_A525MOWA1AUC5_TCE_4file Mexico Download
A525MUBS1AUD1_A525MOWA1AUC4_IUS_4file Mexico Download
A525MUBS1AUD1_A525MOWA1AUC4_MXO_4file Mexico Download
A525MUBS1AUD1_A525MOWO1AUC4_TMM_4file Mexico Download
A525MUBS1AUD1_A525MOWA1AUC5_CPA_4file Panama Download
A525MUBS1AUD1_A525MOWA1AUC4_TPA_4file Panama Download
A525MUBS1AUD1_A525MOWO1AUC4_CTP_4file Paraguay Download
A525MUBS1AUD1_A525MOWO1AUC4_UPO_4file Paraguay Download
A525MUBS1AUD1_A525MOWO1AUC4_PSP_4file Paraguay Download
A525MUBU2AUE1_A525MOWO2AUD3_PEO_4file Peru Download
A525MUBU2AUE1_A525MOWO2AUD3_PNT_4file Peru Download
A525MUBU2AUE1_A525MOWO2AUD3_SAM_4file Peru Download
A525MUBS1AUD1_A525MOWA1AUC5_PCT_4file Peurto Rico Download
A525MUBS1AUD1_A525MOWO1AUC4_CTU_4file Uruguay Download
A525MUBS1AUD1_A525MOWO1AUC4_UFU_4file Uruguay Download
A525MUBS1AUD1_A525MOWO1AUC4_UYO_4file Uruguay Download




How to Flash or Firmware install Guideline

1. Download and extract the Samsung A52 SM-A525M Stock ROM (Flash File) package on your PC/Laptop.
2. Now extracting the Zip package, You will be able to get the Flash File, Flash Tool, USB Driver, and Flashing Guideline.
3. Install the Latest USB Driver on your Windows PC/Laptop (If in the case had already installed the Driver, So SKIP this step)
4. Follow the Flash Guideline Manual to Flash or install the Stock Firmware on your Samsung A52 Android mobile device.



ReadMe Once

[*] Take a Complete Backup If you are going to full flash above the Firmware File on the Samsung A52 SM-A525M smartphone device, Please take a backup of everything because, After flashing, if you are facing any problem, So can you re-flashing to going the previous state of the firmware.

[*] The website officially releases the firmware flash files shared above

[*] It helps you to Dead recover the Mobile device if it ever gets any Flashing issue.

[*] Flashing your phone with this flash file will erase all personal data. So we suggest backing up the phone’s data before flashing the Stock Firmware ROM.

[*] Make sure your phone is at least 70% charged to fully flash. This is because flashing can be interrupted when the flashing state is turned off.

[*] If you benefit from this post, our efforts are worthwhile. If you have any suggestions for us, please let us know in the comment box. Of course, we are always ready to evaluate your opinion.

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