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How to Upgrade iPhone or iPad iOS 12 to 14-No Data Loss

On this page I will show you “How to Upgrade iPhone or iPad iOS 12 to 14-No Data Loss“. We will complete this upgrade process using a very simple tool. So you have to read the whole article carefully.



What is iMaster?

WooTechy iMaster is a reliable tool for mastering all your iOS devices, providing the best services for iOS downgrades, upgrades, and backup with advanced technology and professional support. You can use it to roll back iOS updates without any data loss, update your iOS devices to the latest iOS version in one click, and even back up iOS data in case of any accidental loss.


Supported iOS Versions: iOS 7.0 and later


How to Upgrade iPhone or iPad iOS 12 to 14

Part -1 : Launch WooTechy iMaster and Control iDevice

Step-1: Launch iMaster on a windows PC and Connect iDevice

Step-2: Connected iDevice to PC via USB cable

Step-3:  Select “Upgrade iOS” mode



Part -2 : Download Firmware to PC

Step-1: Choose the Firmware version that you want to Upgrade to and Click “Next”

Step-2: Verify and extract the firmware after downloading.


Part – 3: Upgrade iOS in 1- Click

Step-1: Starting to Upgrade iOS for Click “Start”

Step-2:  Now until Processing Upgrade iOS Device

Step-3: Successfully upgraded!

Click on “Done”


If you want to know more about this upgrade process, please comment in the comment box. I will try my best to answer.

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